Here at Tech Harmony, we are determined to help out with problems that arise around the world. By shopping with us, you also give back! We stand by peace and harmony; with your help we can achieve more! Buying our products would help fund these organizations down below:

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As chaos and destruction arise in Ukraine from the Russian invasion. They will need our support when it is over. During this time, Ukraine is going through this difficult catastrophe as the war rage on. Military, citizens, and infrastructure will need this support to rebuild what is lost.

American Red Cross has been providing vital support and relief to the rest of the world in crisis. They also provide people with the knowledge and preparation across the countries. Nonetheless, they help support our military families!

Make A Wish Foundation help Childrens with critical illnesses to make their wish come true! It helps inspire these patent children to be courageous and optimistic in their unfortunate anomaly. To help subdue their life long catastrophic underlying fate by giving them the gift of affection that they urn for.


Mission + Subscription plan

Tech Harmony wants to focus on these types of donations and more to come! We want you to be able to purchase your goods and as you do, help these organizations along the way. Giving you even more for your purchase! The greatest gift of all; helping one another. It is what define Us. For every purchase you make at tech-harmony with your subscription plan. You will obtain points that will add up to give you a TIER level in our program (Coming Soon), that will allow us to send you gifts to display to the rest of the world that you had helped with these donations!