• The Journey to Tech Harmony – By Bryan Le (CEO & Founder)

    On this blog page, we welcome you to a weekly blog reading of how Tech Harmony came to be. Here we explore the many different aspects that led me to this point. It’s a journey that would not be forgotten and an aspirating commitment to creating Tech Harmony. Come and take a read on my story about ”The Journey to Tech Harmony”! Each week, I will commit to writing a few paragraphs to give you a read on this exciting startup of Tech Harmony!


    Hello and welcome to The Journey to Tech Harmony blog page. My name is Bryan Le, CEO and Founder of Tech Harmony. I began my journey searching for ways that I could generate even more income (just like everyone else, I believe). From creating and distribution sellable content product, refurbishing resale gig, and much more! It has been one hell of a journey and I am still at the first step to climb this path to success and here we will explore every aspect in life that I had endured to get to this point; and why I had chosen to turn my investment into e-commerce a.k.a Tech Harmony!

    When I first realize about work and money, collecting and definition of it, at the age of 8. I began collecting every junk in our home and displaying them on a foldable table outside of the garage with a piece of cardboard that writes ” For Sale $1″. It was full of unused toys and other accessories, appliance, etc., We had kept in the garage for years that would pile up and never been seen again. As the day progress, we (my little sister and I) had not made a sale! The idea had seemed hopeless and our idea… stupid. And if you had not thought about it, this was in the early 2000s. When computers, internet, eBay, craigslist or even e-commerce had barely come about. So, today when I think about it, it wasn’t as stupid as it had seemed. Even now, I see more and more garage sale. I like to think that I had started that trend of my first Entrepreneural business. Even though it was not successful, the pitch and idea made a statement. That an Entrepreneural business can derive from anything that you put your mind into. I believe from that point on, my constant investment pitch towards resale, research, wholesale, drop-shipping, e-commerce and etc., concludes through-out my whole life. I truly believe that TECH HARMONY is my calling because my whole life, not realizing it, had to do with everything that include selling products since my journey that begun approximately 21 years ago. From that point, I would look at ways that I could generate my own income. From re-selling used products, new online bulk wholesale products, to buy-fix and sell. Which include, Apple products, such as iphone and ipods to fixing used cars and reselling. It had never ended for me at my own expense.


    Where I had begun my little exploration in sales, started at an unfamiliar place called Leesburg, Florida. A town located close to central Florida. We had moved there when I was about a little over 5 years of age from Seattle, Washington, where I was born. It was a small home for a family of 10. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters, plus my mom and pops. We had stayed in a small 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom single family home that my uncle also had reside in with his wife and 2 kids. My uncle, who owned the home also had a nail salon business in a little plaza where my parents had also worked. Eventually, my family would take over that business and home, as my uncle and his family moved out to a larger city and started another business there. Some of the family members started to work with my parents and help run the place. While the some stayed home and took care of the rest of us. As being the second to youngest child, I did not know much. The only thing I knew is that we had to go to school and come home to see our parents late of the day before bedtime. Probably, the reason why I had begun my little exploration in sales. Which, it had end up being in garage sales. No one had taught us this method of sales. Finding products and creating a store front in basically the front of our home. With little knowledge and the ability to find a method that would be seen more and more throughout my life. Til this day, it still amuses me that we created something better than I could think to this current day. Today, with the knowledge I have now, seem quite impossible. With the world of e-commerce, wholesale, drop shipping, supply-chain, licensing, registering and advertising throughout the net. It seems quite deterring that none of that seem to work and the main problem is having the source of income to actually supply this e-commerce business to a level of someone as Jeff Benzo. I have spent countless hours finding products to sell, even years and to no avail does it seems possible. The garage sale is the first thing that introduce me to another playfield, Artwork. My sister and I came out with another great method, selling artwork! Most of our sales sold in our classroom. We were a big hit for a little while. Sold our artwork for $5 a piece, while we mastered the art of drawing with no previous experience. We were a team of entrepreneurs that succeeded for a short time, which was an amazing feeling. Our first drawing that sold well was Sonic the hedgehog and his friend Knuckles. As time progress, so did the trend. It had faded away to the dark abyss and never to be remember again.

    5/28/2022 (I had missed a few weeks; been working on the website and maintaining my social life)

    As our journey continues, our lives have been more fulfilling. After years of continuing to the path to a successful entrepreneurship. we have stubble upon a new investment opportunity which began with Apple products. As a 9th grader in High School, Mainland High School that I had attend, Ipod’s were being brought to productions and each individual has own one. Ipods were the first touch screen portable mp3/mp4 player that changed the music device and phone industries, which later, brought us our smartphones and digital goods with a touch screen digital display. It was one of the biggest hits in the century! We knew that we must own one. So, we found individuals who list their products on ebay or craigslist, which, was fairly new at the time. And turn that into our very own investment gig! To be told, we did not generate much revenue to the lack of product purchasing prices. Most user would sell products that have some defects, and we would repair them by practicing, opening and repairing the touch screen until we had it down to the point that it was new again. Which now, is called refurbished products. After learning this technique, we would relist the item on the same page on craigslist, ebay, and most the time meet ups. for about approximately 100 dollars above the price we had bought them for. Which, in today’s world does not sound all that much of a profitability due to the price of buying the equipment and labor. But we were generating income! That was an awesome feeling! This is a great example of what I like to call a buy, fix and sell or simply put, refurbish and product distribution technique. It was a great success! and so forth, smartphones became available to the public eventually and we also took that opportunity to apply the same technique. We had only sold a few ever, because we all were also working an actual job at a family restaurant called “Pho Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine” and continuing our journey to college like the rest of the world. Long story short, my family had eventually worked at that nail salon for years and brought in a few investors to be able to open one of the very first actual Vietnamese Cuisine in Daytona Beach, “the most famous beach” on east coast Florida. Which, today we do not own. That story will continue another time. And eventually so did our little investment opportunity strategy again, we had lost focus on that idea. But I do believe that lead to the opening of UBreakIFix and IFixit came about. Which is an electronic repair store for smartphones and more. Unfortunately, we do not own those company. It did in turn, brought me to realizing that some of the things we had done previous could have been an exceptional entrepreneurial business. A pretty good darn one too.



    Bryan Le